Becoming a Certified Ozmo Operator


At Skyline Robotics, we recognize the advantages of human and robot cooperation. For absolute utilization and control, Ozmo needs a human operator. We offer comprehensive learning for individuals with a passion for invention and new technologies. Become an Ozmo Certified Operator with training by Skyline Robotics.

Our five step training overview

1. Safety & General Overview

2. System Components

3. Computer Operational Training

4. Troubleshooting & Field Training

5. Certification Testing
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Uplevel Skills

Knowledge is power, and new skills will get you to the next level of your career. Robotics and robotic machinery are leading macro trends of the future. By learning how to operate Ozmo, you will learn how to collaborate with robots in a working environment, which will set you ahead of your peers for years to come. 
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Reduce risk

Ozmo operators do not need to expose themselves to great risk or heights. You can control the robot from a safe distance, without any need to put yourself in harm’s way. Every aspect of Ozmo was developed with consistent dedication to safety at all times. Ozmo Certifed Operators always work in secure conditions.
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Increase Earnings

The abilities and experience you will achieve as an Ozmo Certified Operator will increase your professional value, making sure you grow on a personal level as well. Reach opportunities for increased earnings by strengthening your worth with your employer as you build expertise in robotics. 
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Gain Knowledge

Discover a new understanding of robotic solutions and forthcoming tech. The knowledge gained through working with Ozmo will solidify your advantages in future ventures. This is why Skyline Robotics ensures operators go through detailed training that deals with safety, system and computer operations, field practice and comprehensive testing for certification.

Get Certified

Our training program for Ozmo Certified operators is open to all interested and qualified parties. We are eager to meet you and introduce you to the inner workings of our robotic solutions for external building maintenance. Apply now to take your place on our team. 
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