Meet Ozmo

An environmentally diligent cleaning robot that will provide your building facade with unmistakable long-term advancements.
Ozmo is the premier industrial tool in automated window cleaning. By combining the expertise of our engineers with inventive artificial intelligence technology, we were able to design a robot that serves as an essential tool for building facade maintenance, ensuring that the whole process is more practical than traditional methods - and about three times faster. As an additional boost, Ozmo uses tried-and-tested machine learning capabilities that enable him to adapt to new settings while working. Ozmo can go to new heights, without humans having to take any risks.

Sense of Touch

Ozmo knows how fragile glass is, and its force sensor informs it about the exact amount of pressure needed to clean windows superbly. The change Ozmo brings shines brightly.

Sense of Sight

While Ozmo is a robot without actual eyes, it can determine its exact location and direction at all times. Ozmo is guided by its Lidar - Light Detection and Ranging - a precise remote sensing system.


Artificial intelligence helps Ozmo remain stable at all times. A gust of wind poses no threat to the robot, and its algorithms keep it working efficiently through multi-variable conditions. 

Cleaning Path

Ozmo continually recalculates its cleaning path hundreds of times per second, ensuring it is always on the right track - and taking the best possible cleaning path.


You can stop Ozmo at any time. If you ever need to shut down a process Ozmo is performing, you can do so instantly, from your station.

The Brain

Ozmo’s brain combines the capacities of custom-built AI systems and machine learning solutions, enabling it work precisely, continuously adapt and command peak efficiency. With the aid of Lidar, Ozmo intricately scans building surfaces, memorizing every curve and edge of the area, while force sensors provide it with a sense of touch and sight. The data is analyzed by Ozmo’s brain, providing it with a thorough sense of its surroundings. This is what makes Ozmo a game-changer of window cleaning technology, as its flexibility and competency are unmatched.

The Production 

By utilizing prominent artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision systems that have been comprehensively tested and validated across various industries and consumer use cases, Skyline builds unique proprietary solutions. Our software is focused on multivariable outdoor environments, respecting the fact that every building is different and its exterior needs case-specific maintenance.

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