Meet Ozmo™
The first window cleaning robot.

Combining Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with state of the art robotic control and an array of sensors, Ozmo™ was designed to detect and learn all types of complex architecture while adapting to the changing environment. Ozmo learns any building’s façade, detecting the nuances of complex architecture in order to create the most effective cleaning path while never missing a spot. Ozmo™ cleans buildings without changing or adding any infrastructure.


The Brain

At Skyline Robotics we understand that buildings are more than just windows; they are complex systems and as such, our team of engineers and architects have been developing inclusive solutions for all types of aerial work, whether at great heights or from the ground up.


Skyline Robotics is committed to the environment that we all share. Ozmo™ cleans windows without adding any new chemicals or detergents. Our specialized water filtration system uses reverse-osmosis technology to create highly purified water, free from contaminants and minerals, which dissolves dust, oil, and stains. This method leaves your windows spotless for longer and cleaner than ever.

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