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The future of facade access is here

Skyline Robotics knows human values go beyond machines, and that is why - starting with window cleaning at heights - we are revolutionizing all types of facade maintenance work.

The best-looking views out there.

With Ozmo, Skyline Robotics brings you closer to a cleaner, safer, and more efficient environment. The industry keeps evolving at an accelerated pace, and now is the perfect time to shift into the future of your window cleaning operation.

Be Part of the Revolution

Automated window cleaning is a faster and more efficient way of getting you where you need to be - in your customers’ good graces. By using existing maintenance units, Ozmo optimizes cleaning processes and reduces costs. Give your tenants a clear view into tomorrow with building facades that shine brightly in the cityscape.

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Find out more about Ozmo - a hardworking individual in the automated window washing industry
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Three times faster than traditional window cleaning
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Supervising from above, our operators are never left hanging
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Real-time SLAM ensures the most efficient cleaning path
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Automated window cleaning leads to happier tenants inspired by innovation
With buildings becoming taller, more complex, and more valuable, the demand for convenient and proper facade maintenance increases as well. Ozmo provides a future-friendly, transparent, and detail-focused solution for various clients, ranging from maintenance companies to property managers and owners. Trained and certified professionals from an authorized network of operators work together with Ozmo on implementing a premium end-to-end service.

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Learn all about Ozmo, our robotic problem solver for the automated window cleaning industry.

$40 Billion

annual revenue of the window cleaning industry


of all window cleaners in the US are over the age of 40

while just 9%

of that workforce are between the ages of 20 and 30 years old


is the increase in the development of buildings higher than 200 meters
For all of your automated window cleaning needs - we’ve got you covered.
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