About us

Skyline Robotics was established with the idea of building a better tomorrow - today. Skyline brings together a group of innovative developers with a shared clear vision of a future in which robots assist humans in work and everyday activities. Our mutual knowledge is based on robotics, software engineering and mechatronics. We are taking an archaic industry such as window cleaning - which has remained the same since its inception more than a century ago - and giving it the breakthrough modernization it needs.

Who are we?

The human journey doesn’t end with automation. It’s taking us to our next big chapter.

Automated window cleaning is the way of the future, and Skyline Robotics will take you there today. Our team has meticulously worked on designing innovative robotic solutions that accommodate superb facade maintenance, making sure the exterior of your property reflects exceptional quality standards.

Real estate developers invest over $1 billion in developing new buildings, but the ways in which facades are maintained are antiquated. Our goal is to change that and our technology introduces a new level of building facade maintenance, making sure that the highest industry and consumer requirements are met. Through human and robot cooperation, we can achieve outstanding results.

Our Executive Team

Our team is our family.
We see things differently.
The new workforce.
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Michael Brown, CEO
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Ross Blum, COO
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Shany Rimon, VP, Operations
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Orr Fabian, CTO


Our team, advisors and partners bring us together and make us unique. Innovations move us forward, and our determination is to see them put into action.


There is no progress without being devoted to what you do and the courage to start anew. At Skyline Robotics, we believe in creating a more sustainable tomorrow since day one.


Equal opportunities for all. Our technology is designed to be used by everyone, with the ideal of sharing it with the world through ethical practices.

Social awarness

We find our power in empathy through business, by welcoming diversity and making a social impact with industry-changing technologies.


Every project begins as a spark of an idea. We started from scratch, built a strong foundation and created tools whose usability will continually grow.

Advisory Board

image of james halpin
James Halpin, CEO, Platinum, Inc.
image of hagai tal
Hagai Tal, Chief of Staff, Skyline Robotics
image of mark casey
Mark Casey, CEO, RISSafety
image of marty burger
Marty Burger, CEO, Silverstein Properties
image of mark casey
Mark Parr, CEO, Bandwidth Logic
image of mark casey
Ryan Freedman, General Partner, Alpaca VC